The Computer Expression Recognition Toolbox


Littlewort, Wu, Whitehill, Fasel, Movellan, Bartlett


Computer Expression Recognition Toolbox (CERT)is an end-to-end system for fully automated facial expression recognition that operates in real-time. CERT was developed at the University of California, San Diego, originating from a collaboration between Ekman and Sejnowski  (Bartlett et al., 1996, 1999, 2006; Donato et al., 1999; Littlewort et al., 2006). The current system automatically detects frontal faces in the video stream and codes each frame with respect to 40 continuous dimensions, including basic expressions of anger, disgust, fear, joy, sadness, surprise, contempt, a continuous measure of head pose (yaw, pitch, and roll), as well as 30 facial action units (AUs) from the Facial Action Coding System. The technical approach to CERT is an appearance-based, discriminative approach.  Current research focuses on machine learning and computer vision approaches to improve facial expression detection performance, analysis of dynamics, and temporal segmentation. This system is being employed in pioneering experiments on spontaneous behavior, including automated discrimination of posed from genuine expressions of pain, automated detection of driver drowsiness, adaptive tutoring systems, and an intervention for children with autism.


NSF CISE/CRI: Automated Facial Expression Measurement: Toolbox and Database 7/15/05-6/30/10. PI: Bartlett

NSF IIS ITR: Automatic Analysis of Spontaneous Facial Expressions 9/1/02-8/31/04 PI: Movellan


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