Computational Face Group


The Computational Face Group is part of the Machine Perception Lab at the Institute for Neural Computation at UCSD.  This group performs computational analysis of face images for the development of computer vision systems and to model face perception in biological vision through the study of natural image statistics. A major focus of our research is the development of automatic facial expression recognition systems. We have developed an end-to-end system for automatic recognition of a set of basic expressions that works in real-time. We have also made substantial progress toward fully automating the facial action coding system, a comprehensive facial expression description system developed by Paul Ekman and Wallace Friesen. For a summary of our recent work in this area, see the following review chapter in Giese, Curio, and Bulthoff’s book on Dynamic Faces. Another focus of our research explores models of unsupervised learning and their application to face processing. For example, principles of information maximization which have been associated with neural coding in early vision, also relate to findings in human face perception, such as other-race effects, face adaptation aftereffects, and perceptual effects relating to typicality. These ideas are reviewed in a Neurocomputing 2007 paper.






Marian Stewart Bartlett



Javier Movellan

Gwen Littlewort



Filippo Rossi

Josh Susskind


Graduate Students

Karan Sikka

Jake Whitehill

Tingfan Wu

Paul Ruvolo

Alex Ahmed



Karmen Dykstra

Dave Deriso

Anthony Orona



Luis Palacios


Fund Manager

Kimberly Shintaku











The Computer Expression Recognition Toolbox





Information maximization, natural image statistics, and face processing



Sensorimotor learning of facial expressions: A novel intervention for autism






Computational Analysis of Nonverbal Behavior in Adaptive Tutoring






Automated detection of Pain












Human-Robot Interaction






Driver Drowsiness






Automated Facial Expression Recognition with Application to Homeland Security



Face Recognition by Independent Component Analysis





Esra Vural (now at Clarkson University)

Claudia Lianscsek (now at Salk)

Dirk Beer (with Don Macleod. Now at Pacific Science and Engineering, San Diego.)

Micah Eckhardt (now at MIT Media Lab graduate program)

Bret Fortenberry (now at Boston University graduate program)

Evan Smith (completed CMU graduate program, CNBC, now at Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience)

Gianluca Donato (visting student from U. Padova, Italy. Now at Digital Persona, Redwood, CA.)

Andrew Salamon, Scientific Programmer