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MyQuickDrawView Class Reference

#import <MyQuickDrawView.h>

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Public Member Functions

(Rect) boundsRect
(ComponentResult) decompToWindow
(ImageSequence) decomSeq
(void) doDecomp:
(OSErr) doSeqGrab:
(void) drawRect:
(ImageSequence) drawSeq
(void) endGrab
(void) FindFaces
(GWorldPtr) gworld
(ComponentResult) setupDecomp
(SGChannel) sgChanVideo
(void) sgIdleTimer:

Protected Attributes

Rect gBoundsRect
ImageSequence gDecomSeq
ImageSequence gDrawSeq
long gImageSize
NSTimer * gMyTimer
GWorldPtr gPGWorld
SeqGrabComponent gSeqGrab
SGChannel gSGChanVideo

Member Function Documentation

- (Rect) boundsRect  

Referenced by mySGDataProc().

- (ComponentResult) decompToWindow  

- (ImageSequence) decomSeq  

- (void) doDecomp: (NSRect)  rect  

- (OSErr) doSeqGrab: (NSRect)  grabRect  

- (void) drawRect: (NSRect)  rect  

- (ImageSequence) drawSeq  

- (void) endGrab  

- (void) FindFaces  

Referenced by mySGDataProc().

- (GWorldPtr) gworld  

Referenced by mySGDataProc().

- (ComponentResult) setupDecomp  

- (SGChannel) sgChanVideo  

- (void) sgIdleTimer: (id)  sender  

Member Data Documentation

- (Rect) gBoundsRect [protected]

Definition at line 35 of file MyQuickDrawView.h.

- (ImageSequence) gDecomSeq [protected]

Definition at line 36 of file MyQuickDrawView.h.

- (ImageSequence) gDrawSeq [protected]

Definition at line 37 of file MyQuickDrawView.h.

- (FindFacesInGWorld*) gFaceFinder [protected]

Definition at line 39 of file MyQuickDrawView.h.

- (long) gImageSize [protected]

Definition at line 38 of file MyQuickDrawView.h.

- (NSTimer*) gMyTimer [protected]

Definition at line 31 of file MyQuickDrawView.h.

- (GWorldPtr) gPGWorld [protected]

Definition at line 34 of file MyQuickDrawView.h.

- (SeqGrabComponent) gSeqGrab [protected]

Definition at line 32 of file MyQuickDrawView.h.

- (SGChannel) gSGChanVideo [protected]

Definition at line 33 of file MyQuickDrawView.h.

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