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createMPIWeightsCode.m File Reference

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data data ()
 fclose (fid)
 for (i=1:numCascade) tempthresh
 for (i=2:numStdAdjusts) fprintf(fid = cell2struct(ci.Weights(i),'wt',2)
 fprintf (fid, '\td.numStdAdjusts=%d;\n', numStdAdjusts)
 fprintf (fid, '\td.normOffset.bottom=%d;\n', ci.nI-1-ci.hwi(4))
 fprintf (fid, '\td.normOffset.right=%d;\n', ci.nJ-1-ci.hwj(4))
 fprintf (fid, '\td.normOffset.left=%d;\n', ci.hwj(1)-1)
 fprintf (fid, '\;\n', ci.hwi(1)-1)
 fprintf (fid, '\td.cascades=casc;\n')
 fprintf (fid, '\td.numcascades=%d;\n', numCascade)
 fprintf (fid, '\td.numfeatures=%d;\n', numClassifiers)
 fprintf (fid, '\td.preserve_aH=%d;\n', preserve_aH)
end fprintf (fid, '\td.patchsize=%d;\n', ci.patchSize)
end end end fprintf (fid, '\t};\n\n')
 fprintf (fid, '%d};\n\n', ci.Weights{i}(end))
 fprintf (fid, '%d, ', ci.Weights{i}(1))
 fprintf (fid, '\t\t1.0f,\n')
 fprintf (fid, '#endif\n\n')
end fprintf (fid, '};\n\n')
 fprintf (fid,['\n\n')
 if (~real_fun) for(i
end if (real_fun) for(i
 if (i< numStdAdjusts) fprintf(fid
 if (isfield(ci,'centering')) fprintf(fid
 if (nargin==3) if(varargin
end if isAttr (ci, 'preserve_aH') preserve_aH
if isfield (ci,'trainAttr') if isAttr(ci
t t ci std_adjust (i))
end if ~isfield (ci,'nJ') ci.nJ
end if ~isfield (ci,'nI') ci.nI
end if ~isfield (ci,'patchSize') ci.patchSize
if ~isfield (ci,'plus_minus_one') ci.plus_minus_one=0


tstatic Corner Corners d [%d]
end end fid = fopen([name,'.h'], 'w')
t t gf
if i
end mirrorx = 0
end end numCascade = ci.numCascade
 numClassifiers = ci.numClassifiers
 numStdAdjusts = length(ci.std_adjust)
 preserve_aH = 0
end real_fun = 0

Function Documentation

data data  )  [static, virtual]

fclose fid   ) 

for i  = 1:numCascade  ) 

end end else ci nl for i  = 2:numStdAdjusts  )  = cell2struct(ci.Weights(i),'wt',2)

fprintf fid  ,
'\td.  numStdAdjusts = %d;\n',

fprintf fid  ,
'\td.normOffset.  bottom = %d;\n',
ci.nI-1-ci.  hwi(4)

fprintf fid  ,
'\td.normOffset.  right = %d;\n',
ci.nJ-1-ci.  hwj(4)

fprintf fid  ,
'\td.normOffset.  left = %d;\n',
ci.hwj(1)-  1

fprintf fid  ,
'\td.normOffset.  top = %d;\n',
ci.hwi(1)-  1

fprintf fid  ,
'\td.  cascades = casc;\n'

fprintf fid  ,
'\td.  numcascades = %d;\n',

fprintf fid  ,
'\td.  numfeatures = %d;\n',

fprintf fid  ,
'\td.  preserve_aH = %d;\n',

fprintf fid  ,
'\td.  patchsize = %d;\n',
ci.  patchSize

end end end fprintf fid  ,

fprintf fid  ,

fprintf fid  ,
'%  d,

fprintf fid  ,
'\t\t1.  0f,

fprintf fid  ,

end end fprintf fid  ,

fprintf fid  ,

if real_fun  ) 

if real_fun   ) 

if  ) 

if ['#ifndef __',name,'_H__\n#define __',name,'_H__\n\n'] isfield(ci,'centering')   ) 

if nargin  = = 3  ) 

Definition at line 45 of file createMPIWeightsCode.m.

00046               {1} == 1)

end if isAttr ci  ,

if isfield ci  ,

t t ci std_adjust i   ) 

end if ~isfield ci  ,

end if ~isfield ci  ,

end if ~isfield ci  ,

if ~isfield ci  ,
[pure virtual]

Variable Documentation

tstatic Corner Corners d[%d]

Initial value:

 {\n', i-1, length(ci.shape_feature(i).j));
    fprintf(fid, '\t\t{%d, %d, %d}', ci.shape_feature(i).j(j)-1, ...
            ci.shape_feature(i).i(j)-1, ci.shape_feature(i).c(j));
    if (j < length(ci.shape_feature(i).j))
      fprintf(fid, ',\n');
  fprintf(fid, '}

Definition at line 121 of file createMPIWeightsCode.m.

Referenced by righteye_smallest_eye_centered::assignData(), righteye_largest_face_centered::assignData(), righteye_largest_eye_centered::assignData(), righteye_largest_2_eye_centered::assignData(), righteye_half_dist_eye_centered::assignData(), righteye_eye_only_eye_centered::assignData(), righteye_eye_dist_face_centered::assignData(), righteye_eye_dist_eye_centered::assignData(), rightEye1::assignData(), right_eye_wts::assignData(), lefteye_smallest_eye_centered::assignData(), lefteye_largest_face_centered::assignData(), lefteye_largest_eye_centered::assignData(), lefteye_largest_2_eye_centered::assignData(), lefteye_half_dist_eye_centered::assignData(), lefteye_eye_only_eye_centered::assignData(), lefteye_eye_dist_face_centered::assignData(), lefteye_eye_dist_eye_centered::assignData(), leftEye1::assignData(), left_eye_wts::assignData(), blink_wts::assignData(), MPISearchObjectDetector::classifyWindow(), ScalePyramid::compute_scales(), file_dirscan(), ScalePyramid::get_shiftamount(), import_base_rule(), import_base_rules(), ProbColorSearch::logPrior(), ProbColorSearch::probSearch(), MPISearchThread::PutData(), CenterSurround::search(), MPEyeFinder::setROI(), and MPFileIO::write().

fid = fopen([name,'.h'], 'w')

Definition at line 76 of file createMPIWeightsCode.m.

t t gf

Definition at line 95 of file createMPIWeightsCode.m.

elseif i

Initial value:

= 38 
%               tempthresh = 16.0

Definition at line 109 of file createMPIWeightsCode.m.

end mirrorx = 0

Definition at line 44 of file createMPIWeightsCode.m.

n n

Definition at line 129 of file createMPIWeightsCode.m.

Referenced by builtin_subst(), collect_arguments(), donerules(), donestr(), freeactions(), freesettings(), freetargets(), list_length(), main(), ObjectList::simplify(), and MPImageIO::WriteBitmap().

end end numCascade = ci.numCascade

Definition at line 28 of file createMPIWeightsCode.m.

numClassifiers = ci.numClassifiers

Definition at line 29 of file createMPIWeightsCode.m.

Referenced by mpisearchMexData::loadStruct().

numStdAdjusts = length(ci.std_adjust)

Definition at line 30 of file createMPIWeightsCode.m.

preserve_aH = 0

Definition at line 19 of file createMPIWeightsCode.m.

td real_fun = 0

Definition at line 185 of file createMPIWeightsCode.m.

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