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module_t Struct Reference

#include <modules.h>

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Public Attributes

char * name

Member Data Documentation

struct module_t* class_module

Definition at line 17 of file modules.h.

Referenced by builtin_instance(), import_base_rule(), and lookup_rule().

struct hash* imported_modules

Definition at line 16 of file modules.h.

Referenced by import_module(), imported_modules(), and lookup_rule().

char* name

Definition at line 13 of file modules.h.

Referenced by bindmodule(), builtin_backtrace(), builtin_caller_module(), builtin_export(), builtin_import(), evaluate_rule(), global_rule_name(), and new_module_str().

struct hash* rules

Definition at line 14 of file modules.h.

Referenced by builtin_export(), builtin_import(), builtin_rulenames(), delete_module(), demand_rules(), import_base_rules(), lookup_rule(), and type_check().

struct hash* variables

Definition at line 15 of file modules.h.

Referenced by builtin_varnames(), delete_module(), enter_module(), and exit_module().

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