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MPUTIL::CClientSocket Class Reference

#include <socketio.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CClientSocket (char _hostName[], int _hostPort, BOOL _isConvert=FALSE)
BOOL connectServer ()
void disconnectServer ()
BOOL isConnect ()
char readByte ()
char readChar ()
double readDouble ()
float readFloat ()
int readFull (char bur[], int numRead)
int readInt ()
long readLong ()
void writeByte (char i)
void writeChar (char ch)
void writeDouble (double d)
void writeFloat (float f)
void writeInt (int i)
void writeLong (long l)
void writeString (char *ch)
virtual ~CClientSocket ()

Private Member Functions

int readConvert (char byte[], int numRead)
void writeConvert (char byte[], int numWrite)

Private Attributes

BOOL _isConnect
sockaddr_in cin
SOCKET clientSock
MPUTIL::CClientSocket::DOUBLE_DATE double_data
MPUTIL::CClientSocket::FLOAT_DATA float_data
char hostName [40]
int hostPort
MPUTIL::CClientSocket::INT_DATA int_data
BOOL isConvert
MPUTIL::CClientSocket::LONG_DATA long_data

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CClientSocket char  _hostName[],
int  _hostPort,
BOOL  _isConvert = FALSE

virtual ~CClientSocket  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

BOOL connectServer  ) 

void disconnectServer  ) 

BOOL isConnect  ) 

char readByte  ) 

char readChar  ) 

int readConvert char  byte[],
int  numRead

double readDouble  ) 

float readFloat  ) 

int readFull char  bur[],
int  numRead

int readInt  ) 

long readLong  ) 

void writeByte char  i  ) 

void writeChar char  ch  ) 

void writeConvert char  byte[],
int  numWrite

void writeDouble double  d  ) 

void writeFloat float  f  ) 

void writeInt int  i  ) 

void writeLong long  l  ) 

void writeString char *  ch  ) 

Member Data Documentation

BOOL _isConnect [private]

Definition at line 23 of file socketio.h.

sockaddr_in cin [private]

Definition at line 26 of file socketio.h.

SOCKET clientSock [private]

Definition at line 25 of file socketio.h.

union MPUTIL::CClientSocket::DOUBLE_DATE double_data [private]

union MPUTIL::CClientSocket::FLOAT_DATA float_data [private]

char hostName[40] [private]

Definition at line 27 of file socketio.h.

int hostPort [private]

Definition at line 28 of file socketio.h.

union MPUTIL::CClientSocket::INT_DATA int_data [private]

BOOL isConvert [private]

Definition at line 24 of file socketio.h.

union MPUTIL::CClientSocket::LONG_DATA long_data [private]

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