Contact Role Tel (858) email
Tim Truitt Management Service Officer 534-7207
Luisa Flores Business Operations Administrator 534-8949

Sponsored Projects

Rhonda McCoy
SCCN Sponsored Projects Analyst 822-7537
Keri O'Leary Administrative Assistant 822-5895
Risa Shibata

INC/TDLC Administrative Assistant/ Events Coordinator 534-4732

Program Administrators

Kate Shanks
Assistant to the EC of TDLC/Program Specialist 822-2902
Margaret Paulson INC Administrative Specialist 246-1904
Darlene Evardone INC Administrative Specialist 534-7880


Information Technology

Robert Buffington INC Programmer Analyst 246-2833
Rachel Weistrop TDLC Computer Resource Specialist 922-5208



Faculty Spotlight

Tzyy-Ping Jung
Elevated to IEEE Fellow for contributions to blind source separation for biomedical applications.

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Staff Spotlight

INC's First Annual Hike N' Lunch Event
INC Staff at the Torrey Pines Glider Port.

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