NIMH Training Program in Cognitive Neurosciences

The Primary goal of the Training Program for Cognitive Neuroscience at San Diego is to promote multi-level approaches to the neural bases of cognition. This program integrates three broad approaches: cognitive science, neuroscience, and computation.

Student And Scholar Program

INC's student and scholar program, with a membership of 30-40, offers access to technical reports, the videotape library, and the opportunity to take part in training programs. Undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows may become members providing they are sponsored by an INC faculty member.

Computational Neuroscience Ph.D. training program

The Computational Neuroscience specialization is a new facet of the broader Neuroscience graduate program at UCSD . The goal of the specialization is to train the next generation of neuroscientists with the broad range of computational and analytical skills that are essential to understand the organization and function of complex neural systems.

Industrial Affiliates Program

INC's Industrial Affiliates Program (IAP) fosters interaction between industry and the Institute; membership is available to corporations and individuals. Joining the Industrial Affiliates Program offers opportunities to interact with Institute personnel, to be kept abreast of the latest Institute research, and to have the opportunity to attract senior graduate students who may be interested in career opportunities. Members benefit from this Program by attending Institute seminars, workshops, conferences and symposia. Copies of videotapes of seminars and symposia lectures, technical reports by INC researchers, and other publications are available free of charge to IAP members. A directory of faculty research will give IAP members the opportunity of tracking the work of Institute researchers. One-on-one meetings with Institute researchers, whose expertise may assist IAP members with their research and development efforts, is also available. IAP members are informed of senior graduate students about to enter the job market. IAP member firms can also arrange to participate in the Institute's visiting scholar program, in which a member's employee may conduct research "in residence" at the Institute for either brief periods (e.g., two weeks) or long periods (e.g., an academic year). Institute researchers may also travel to members' sites. IAP membership is a unique opportunity for anyone who wants to be kept abreast of new developments as they happen and to interact directly with leading scientists in the field of neural computation.