Core Faculty

Name Title Affiliation email
Akalin Acar, Zeynep Asst. Project Sci. SCCN
Bingham, Roger Assoc. Specialist TDLC
Cauwenberghs, Gert Professor INC Co-Director / Bioengineering
Chiba, Andrea Assoc. Specialist TDLC Co-Director / Cognitive Sciences
Chukoskie, Leanne Asst. Research Sci. INC / Neurosciences
Cottrell, Gary Professor TDLC Director / ECE
Delorme, Arnaud Assoc. Project Sci. SCCN
Duann, Jeng-Ren Assoc. Project Sci. SCCN
Huang, Ruey-Song Asst. Project Sci. SCCN
Iversen, John Assoc. Project Sci. SCCN
Jung, Tzyy-Ping Research Sci./Adj. Prof. SCCN
Khalil, Alexander, Asst. Project Sci INC/TDLC
Lainscsek, Claudia Assoc. Project Sci. INC
Makeig, Scott Research Sci. SCCN Director
Moldakarimov, Samat Asst. Project Sci. INC
Palmer, Jason Asst. Project Sci. SCCN
Peterson, David Asst. Project Sci. INC
Rowat, Peter Assoc. Project Sci. INC
Sejnowski, Terrence Professor INC Co-Director / Salk Institute
Snider, Joseph Asst. Project Sci. INC
Wu, Ying Asst. Project Sci. SCCN



Faculty Spotlight

Tzyy-Ping Jung
Elevated to IEEE Fellow for contributions to blind source separation for biomedical applications.

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Staff Spotlight

Lily Marapao, Human Resource Manager, is retiring from UCSD after 31 years

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