Sound Health 2017

INC researcher involved in guidance of new NIH initiative on music and health

INC researcher Dr. John Iversen was part of Sound Health in 2017, as well. He was honored to speak at a National Institutes of Health (NIH) workshop (Jan. 26-27, 2017). He was one of three speakers to deliver overview talks, in his case on music and child development. The purpose of the workshop was to help guide the direction of a new partnership between the NIH and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts to expand on an initiative that NIH has had with the National Symphony Orchestra (NSO) called Sound Health. The goal of the initiative is "to increase our understanding of how music affects health, with emphasis on the basic neuroscience of music and potential clinical applications."

Note: The video (below), includes opening remarks by opera star Renee Fleming and NIH director Dr. Francis Collins. Dr. Iversen's talk starts at 1:34:00. May take time to download. Note: Original video downloaded from the National Institutes of Health, Center for Information Technology.