NIMH Training Program in Cognitive Neuroscience 2018-2019

Goal of the Program:

The Primary goal of the Training Program for Cognitive Neuroscience at UC San Diego is to promote multi-level approaches to the neural bases of cognition. This program integrates three broad approaches: cognitive science, neuroscience, and computation.

Statement of Purpose:

At the Institute for Neural Computation, we celebrate our diverse community of faculty, students, staff, and visitors. Cultural diversity enriches our lives and our research programs. We welcome individuals of all languages, races, ethnicities, genders, ages, disabilities, sexual orientation, and religious and political beliefs.

Application Deadlines:

Predoctoral Fellowships: TBA

Postdoctoral Fellowships: TBA

Application packages:

Pre Doctoral Fellowship (PDF available soon)

Post Doctoral Fellowship (PDF available soon)

Cognitive Neuroscience Retreat:

All Cognitive Neuroscience Training Grant applicants are encouraged to attend this retreat.



Faculty Spotlight

Tzyy-Ping Jung
Elevated to IEEE Fellow for contributions to blind source separation for biomedical applications.

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Staff Spotlight

Lily Marapao, Human Resource Manager, is retiring from UCSD after 31 years

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