Rockwood Memorial Lecture

Past Lectures

  • 2023 Lecturer: Dr. Tobi Delbruck
    Event Camera Silicon Retina; History, Live Demo, and Whiteboard Circuit Design

  • 2022 Lecturer: Dr. Jonathan R. Wolpaw
    Neuroadaptive Technologies: Past, Present & Future

  • 2021 Lecturer: Dr. Yoshua Bengio
    From Conscious Processing to System 2 Deep Learning

  • 2019 Lecturer: Dr. Pietro Perona
    Visipedia: People, Machines, and Data Working Together to Achieve Knowledge

  • 2018 Lecturer: Dr. Don Norman
    Adventures in Representation: A Lifetime of Struggle

  • 2017 Lecturer: Dr. Christof Koch
    Big Science, Team Science, Open Science: In the Service of Neuroscience

  • 2016 Lecturer: Dr. Krishna Shenoy
    Brain-Machine Interfaces: From Basic Science and Engineering to Clinical Trials

  • 2015 Lecturer: Dr. Kwabena Boahen
    Neuromorphic Chips: Combining Analog Computation with Digital Communication

  • 2014 Lecturer: Dr. Bruce McNaughton,
    Doughnuts in the Brain: A Toroidal Attractor Theory of the Cognitive Map

  • 2013 Lecturer: Dr. Dmitri B. Chklovskii,
    Can connectomics help us understand neural computation? Insights from the fly visual system

  • 2012 Lecturer: Dr. Eugene M. Izhikevich,

  • 2011 Lecturer: Rodney Douglas,
    Constructive Cortical Computation

  • 2010 Lecturer: Geoffrey Hinton,
    Deep learning with multiplicative interactions

  • 2009 Lecturer: Josh Bongard,
    Investigations at the Interface of Morphology, Evolution and Cognition
    Resilient Machines (Through Continuous Self-Modeling)

  • 2008 Lecturer: Jeff Hawkins, Founder, Palm, Inc. Handspring, and Numenta,
    Computing Beyond Turing: How neocortical theory is shaping the future of computing

  • 2007 Lecturer: Tomaso Poggio, Center for Biological and Computational Learning, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, McGovern Institute for Brain Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
    What Should Computer Vision Learn from Neuroscience?

  • 2006 Lecturer:Harvey Karten, Department of Neurosciences, UCSD
    Unwiring the Brain: Neuromorphic Engineering of Motion Detection

  • 2005 Lecturer: Jeffrey L. Elman, UC San Diego,
    Generalizing beyond our experience: Lessons from neural networks

  • 2004 Lecturer: Richard Gregory, University of Bristol,
    A Periodic Table for Perception

  • 2003 Lecturer: Stephen Wolfram, Wolfram Research, Inc.,
    A New Kind Of Science

  • 2002 Lecturer: Pasko Rakic, Yale University,
    Building the Cerebral Cortex: From Stem Cells to Complex Architecture

  • 2001 Lecturer: Michael Dickinson, UC Berkeley,
    How Fruit Flies flap for Flight Forces: Neuro-Mechanics of a Complex Behavior

  • 2000 Lecturer: Christoph von der Malsburg, Bochum University and University of Southern California,
    The Learning Problem

  • 1999 Lecturer: Dana Ballard, University of Rochester,
    Single-Spike Models of Predictive Coding

  • 1998 Lecturer: Geoffrey Hinton, University of Toronto,
    Finding Structure in Ensembles of Images

  • 1997 Lecturer: Michael Jordan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
    Graphic Models, Neural Networks, and Variational Methods

  • 1996 Lecturer: Jack Cowan, University of Chicago,
    Geometric Visual Hallucinations, Migraine Auras, and Visual Illusions: What They Tell Us About Visual Cortex Circuitry

  • 1995 Lecturer: Geoffrey Hinton, University of Toronto,
    Neural Networks that Learn by Generating Fantasies

  • 1994 Lecturer: Stephen Grossberg, Boston University,
    Neural Networks for Learning, Recognition, and Recall

  • 1993 Lecturer: James L. McClelland, Carnegie-Mellon University,
    The Interaction of Nature and Nurture in Development: A Parallel Distributed Processing Perspective