2015 Cognitive Neuroscience Spring Retreat And 10th Annual KIBM Symposium On Innovative Research


  • Saturday, May 9, 2015
    9:00 am - 4:30 pm
    Continental Breakfast at 8:30am


  • University of California, San Diego
    San Diego Supercomputer Center (Auditorium- Room B211)
    10100 John Jay Hopkins Drive
    La Jolla, CA 92093-0523


Registration is closed.


Deadline (04/30/2015)

Guidelines for the INC Cognitive Neuroscience Fellows Blitz Talks (5-minute presentations):

  • Your presentation will be required to be submitted as a pdf file with a maximum of 3 pages/slides (excluding the title/opening slide).
  • Please submit your presentation in PDF file format to:
  • Luis Palacios (lpalacio@ucsd.edu) no later than Wednesday, May 6th.


Guidelines for the Annual KIBM Symposium on Innovative Research.

  • Presenters are expected to bring their presentations pre-loaded on their personal laptops.


Full agenda and more details can also be found here: https://kavlisymposiumincretreat.eventbrite.com



8:30 am Welcome Continental Breakfast
9:00 am 

Nick Spitzer, Ralph Greenspan
Overview of KIBM and CBAM

9:15 am

Ben D. Amsel, Cognitive Science
Grapheme-color Synesthesia: A Window into The Interface Between Perception and Knowledge

9:30 am

Andrea Chiba, Cognitive Science and Program in Neuroscience
Do You Feel What I Feel: Building a Toolbox for Studying Sociality and Interoception

9:45 am

Shyam Srinivasan, Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind
Principles of Scaling of Olfactory Systems

10:00 am

Takeo Katsuki, Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind
Probing the Mind of Mating Flies: The Neuronal Mechanisms of Behavioral Exclusivity During Drosophila Sexual Behavior

10:15 am


10:30 am

Keynote Speaker

Larry Swanson, Milo Don and Lucille Appleman Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Neurobiology Section University of Southern California
Talk Title: Old and New Ideas About the Cerebral Cortex

11:30 am

Christopher Keown, Cognitive Science
Gender-specific Regulation of DNA Methylation in Mouse Frontal Cortex

11:45 am

Mieko Ueno, Cognitive Science
The Basal Ganglia and Language: Investigations into Syntactic Processing in Parkinson's Patients

12:00 pm

Todd Coleman, Bioengineering
Light Controlled Gene Expression

12:15 pm

Andrew Alexander, Cognitive Science
Behavioral and Neurophysiological Correlates of a Novel Rodent Spatial Insight Paradigm

12:30 pm

Yimin Zou, Neurobiology
Novel Signaling Mechanisms Regulating Glutamatergic Synapse Formation



12:45 - 2:00 Lunch Break



Symposium:  Connectomics
Chair: Eric Halgren

2:00 pm 

Larry Frank
Deciphering DTI Data

2:30 pm

Harvey Karten
Evolutionary connectomics: Conservation of Microcircuitry and Natural Selection

3:00 pm

Terrence Sejnowski
What is the precision of synaptic strengths

3:30 pm

PM Break


INC Cognitive Neuroscience Fellows Blitz Talks
(5-minute presentations)
Chair: Terry Sejnowski

3:45 pm

Amanda Casale
State-dependent Synchronization of Specific Cell Types to Cortical Oscillatory Activity

3:50 pm

Neil Cohn
Electrophysiology of Prediction in Visual Event Comprehension

3:55 pm

Zhisen Urgolites
Neural Correlates of True and False Memories

4:00 pm

Monika Jadi
How SOM+ and PV+ Inhibitory Neurons Could Differentually Modulate Surround Suppression of Cortical Neurons.

4:05 pm

Branka Hrvoj-Mihic
Pyramidal Neurons in Social Brain Areas in Williams Syndrome

4:10 pm

Krista Perks
Mechanisms of Diverse, State-dependent Input Operations in Single Underlying Object-Recognition

4:15 pm

Thomas Sprague
Reconstructions of Information in Visual Spatial Working Memory Degrade with Memory Load

4:20 pm

Closing Remarks: Terrence Sejnowski


This retreat is sponsored by the NIMH Cognitive Neuroscience Training Program for the Institute for Neural Computation and the Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind, at UCSD.