2013 Cognitive Neuroscience Spring Retreat And 8th Annual KIBM Symposium On Innovative Research


  • Saturday, May 4, 2013
    8:30 am - 4:30 pm
    Continental Breakfast served at 8:00 am


  • University of California, San Diego
    10100 John Jay Hopkins Drive San Diego Supercomputer Center (Auditorium- Room B211)
    San Diego, CA 92093-0523

Guidelines for INC Cognitive Neuroscience Fellows Blitz Talks (5-minute presentations):

  • Your presentation will be required to be submitted as a pdf file with a maximum of 3 pages/slides (excluding the title/opening slide).
  • Please submit your presentation in PDF file format to:
  • Luis Palacios (lpalacio@ucsd.edu) no later than Wednesday, May 1st.


Guidelines for Eighth Annual KIBM Symposium on Innovative Research.

  • Presenters are expected to bring their presentations pre-loaded on their own personal laptops.




8:00 am Welcome Continental Breakfast


Symposium:  Genetic Basis of Mental Disorders
Chair: Steve Hillyard

8:30 am 

John Kelsoe
Department of Psychiatry, UCSD
“Genetics of Bipolar Disorder”

9:00 am

Dheeraj Malhotra
Department of Psychiatry, UCSD
"Genetics of Schizophrenia"

9:30 am

Eric Courchesne
Department of Neuroscience, UCSD
“Genetics of Autism” 

10:00 am


10:15 am

Keynote Speaker:
Julie R. Korenberg, PhD, MD
Director Center for Integrated Neuroscience and Human Behavior
University of Utah
"Down Syndrome and Williams Syndrome: Prototypes for Human Systems Neuroscience"

11:00 am Break


INC Cognitive Neuroscience Fellows Blitz Talks
(5-minute presentations)
Chair: Terry Sejnowski

11:15 am

Ben Amsel
"From Microvolts to Meaning"

11:20 am

Edward Ester
"Measuring and evaluating stimulus likelihood from human cortical responses"

11:25 am

Jena Hales
"Medial Entorhinal Cortex Lesions Impair Spatial Memory Acquisition in Rats"

11:30 am

Lavanya Krishnan
"Functional Significance of Early Multi-sensory Responses in Modality-specific Cortex : An Electrophysiological Study"

11:35 am

Adam Calhoun
“A Circuit for Spatial Learning"

11:40 am

Emily Caporello
“Neural Correlates of Auditory Attention in the Songbird"

11:45 am

Naja Ferjan Ramirez
"Neural Processing of Language in the Absence of Auditory Input: Evidence from American Sign Language" (PowerPoint)

11:50 am

Emilie Reas (Will not be able to attend the retreat. A .mov movie file will be shown to the attendees)
"A BOLD Medial Temporal Lobe Code for Spatio-temporal Memory"

11:55 am

Maya Sapiurka
"Path Integration and the Medial Temporal Lobe"

12:00 pm



Eighth Annual KIBM Symposium on Innovative Research
Chair: Nick Spitzer
(1:30pm – 4:15pm)


1:30 pm

Edwin Hutchins & Christine Johnson
Dolphin Social Attention in a Fission/Fusion Ecology”

1:45 pm

Eunho Noh
“Using Single Trial EEG to Predict Subsequent Memory”

2:00 pm

Jan R. Wessel
Remembering to Control Yourself: Parsing Brain Networks for Self-Control”

2:15 pm

Davide Dulcis
Effect of Prenatal Nicotine Exposure on Dopamine Expression and Addiction”

2:30 pm

Andrew Schork
Pediatric Neural Architecture of Polygenic Risk for Dyslexia

2:45 pm

Afternoon Break

3:15 pm

Thomas Urbach
I See What You’re Saying: Multisensory Training for Speech-in-Noise Comprehension

3:30 pm

Jude F. Mitchell
“Developing Marmosets as a Model for Visual Neuroscience and Optogenetics Research”

3:45 pm

Luke Miller
“Plasticity of Body Representations Following Tool Use”

4:00 pm

Rachel I. Mayberry
“Neurolinguistic Processing After a Childhood of Sparse Language Exposure”

4:15 pm

Ralph Greenspan and Terry Sejnowski
"The BRAIN Initiative: Genesis and Prospects"


*This retreat is sponsored by the NIMH Cognitive Neuroscience Training Program for the Institute for Neural Computation and the Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind, at UCSD.