February 2024 - INC scientist Arnaud Delorme explains his research on Mind Wandering.

1/10/24 - Terrence Sejnowski Named Scientist of the Year by ARCS San Diego (UC San Diego Today / Salk) - Read more! Celebration scheduled for 4/27/24 - Honoring Dr. Terry Sejnowski

1/8/24 - Winter School on Brains and Computation at UC San Diego on 1/8/24 (more info)

January 2024 - INC Investigator Dr. David Peterson was recently asked to serve on the Medical & Scientific Advisory Council of the Dystonia Foundation.

12/5/23 - Dr. Sejnowski was featured in the recent event, A Deep Look into the AI Revolution, a virtual event hosted by the UC San Diego School of Biological Sciences and UCTV on Nov. 15, 2023. (UC San Diego Today, 12/5/23)

11/20/23 - Watch the Rockwood Memorial Lecture 2023 - Tobi Delbruck (11/20/23): Event Camera Silicon Retina

11/13/23 - Why the Godfather of A.I. Fears What He’s Built (The New Yorker, 11/13/23) - Dr. Sejnowski featured regarding his work with Dr. Geoffrey Hinton.

11/2/23 - The Future of AI is Now (UC San Diego Today, 11/2/23). INC Co-Director Dr. Terry Sejnowski is featured.

October 2023 - Research by Gert Cauwenberghs and his team on unobtrusive in-ear electrophysiological and electrochemical sensing of brain cognitive and body metabolic activity (Xu et al.) has been featured on the cover of nature biomedical engineering.

8/28/23 - These Screen-printed, Flexible Sensors Allow Earbuds to Record Brain Activity and Exercise Levels (UC San Diego Today, 8/28/23). INC Co-Director Dr. Cauwenberghs is co-author of recent paper.

8/22/23 - Firing Up Fire Detection Efforts with Deep Learning Models (UC San Diego Today, 8/22/23). INC's Gary Cottrell is co-author of recent paper.

3/21/23 - Former INC Postgraduate Research Fellow Nuttida Rungratsameetaweemana is featured in UC San Diego Today!

3/6/23 - Dr. Sejnowski is featured in the News: "AI chatbot ChatGPT mirrors its users to appear intelligent" (Salk), "Why Do A.I. Chatbots Tell Lies and Act Weird? Look in the Mirror (NYT) and "The ChatGPT Debate" (Forbes) regarding his recent paper published in Neural Computation

2/26/23 - Why Do A.I. Chatbots Tell Lies and Act Weird? Look in the Mirror - featuring Dr. Terrence Sejnowski in the New York Times (Photo: John Francis Peters for The NYT)

12/8/22 - NeuroElectroMagnetic Data Archive and Tools Resource Described for First Time in Journal - featuring Dr. Scott Makeig and his team

November 2022 - Dr. Nuttida Rungratsameetaweemana has been selected as one of the 2022 Rising Stars in Engineering in Health! This award recognized her computational neuroscience work with Dr. Sejnowski and other faculty at UC San Diego.

Oct. 2022 - INC's Masaki Nakanishi, Tzyy-Ping Jung, and team has won the IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering Prize Paper Award for their article, "Enhancing Detection of SSVEPs for a High-Speed Brain Speller Using Task-Related Component Analysis," published in IEEE TBME in 2018! Click here to view a video.

8/17/22 - UC San Diego Press Release: A new neuromorphic chip for AI on the edge, at a small fraction of the energy and size of today's compute platforms - featuring work by INC Co-Director Gert Cauwenberghs and his research team!

June 2022 - View photos from the MoBI workshop (June 5-7) and 4th International Mobile Brain-Body Imaging Conference (June 8-10) - Credit: Makoto Miyakoshi!

6/2/22 - Nuttida Rungratsameetaweemana is one of the 2022-2023 inaugural Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind Postdoctoral Scholars (6/2/22)! More..

5/17/22 - Congratulations to Terry Sejnowski, Ph.D., for being one of four scientists to receive the 2022 Gruber Neuroscience Prize!

March 2022 - Welcome to Xandra Dvornikova, new Research Administrator at INC!

February 2022 - Congratulations to Nuttida Rangratsameetaweemana, Ph.D., for receiving the 2022-23 KIBM Postdoctoral Scholars award! This newly established award recognizes outstanding scholarly achievement and demonstrated potential for independence.

January 2022 - Videos now available of the recent IEEE EMBS Symposium (Dec 15-16). Click here to view!
(Summary of the event here)

1/10/22 - Recent event: The 20th anniversary of the founding of the Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience (SCCN) on Monday, January 10. Speakers included UC San Diego Chancellor Pradeep Khosla, Senior Associate VCR Miroslav Krstic, and Jerry Swartz from the Swartz Foundation.

1/7/22 - What is AI? Stephen Hanson in conversation with Terry Sejnowski (AIhub, 1/7/22) - watch here!

Watch some INC demos here!

Dec. 2021 - Congratulations Nuttida Rungratsameetaweemana, for being selected for the 2021 Salk Women & Science Special Award!

11/19/21 - Learn more about the upcoming IEEE EMBS Symposium HERE! (Dec 15-16) Click here to view the event website.

11/10/21 - Size Matters for Bee ‘Superorganism’ Colonies: INC's Frédéric Broccard co-authored a paper highlighted in UCSD Press Release

November 2021 - EEGLAB Newsletter Issue #10 now available HERE!

Fall 2021 - INC's Nuttida Rangratsameetaweemana, Ph.D., featured in Inside Salk (Fall 2021).

9/29/21 - Dr. Terry Sejnowski featured in Forbes ‘Thinkers and Innovators’ series: What It Will Take To Figure Out The Brain, From A Neuroscience And AI Pioneer. Written by Gabriel Silva, an INC Affiliated Faculty member!

The ‘Thinkers and Innovators’ series explores the science and philosophy of the brain and mind with some of the world’s foremost forward thinking experts. It also explores technologies used for studying and interfacing with the brain, as well as technologies motivated by the brain, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. (Disclaimer: Professor Sejnowski is a colleague of the author’s at the University of California San Diego.)

9/23/21 - Congratulations to INC's Nuttida Rangratsameetaweemana, Ph.D., for receiving the 2021 Chancellor’s Outstanding Postdoctoral Scholar Award! Apart from her scholarly accomplishments, Nuttida exhibits an unwavering commitment to mentorship. She has served as a mentor for Heithoff-Brody Scholars Program, where she worked closely with high school students on an eight-week computational biology project. Nuttida has also been mentoring graduate and undergraduate students on their research projects both at UC San Diego and through inter-university mentorship programs. In addition, she volunteered for various scientific organizations and workshops including the computational and systems neuroscience mentoring forum and the neuromatch academy. She has advised graduate students on computational analysis of neuroscientific data and on conference manuscript preparation. Click here to learn more about the award, and here to view Nuttida’s Outstanding Postdoctoral Scholar Finalist Video.

9/17/21 - Introduction to Hierarchical Event Descriptors (HED) for data annotation
A new BIDS webcast is a conversation between Remi Gau of the BIDS management team with Kay Robbins and Dung Troung of the HED working group

2021 Event Videos now available:

Cory Davis7/12/21 - New MSO for INC
We are happy to announce that Cory Davis is INC's new Management Services Officer! Cory brings a lot of experience, previously holding the position of Research Scholar Manager at UC San Diego's Office of Postdoctoral and Research Scholars Affairs. Before that, she was Administrative Manager of Grants & Contracts at UT Austin College of Pharmacy. Welcome Cory, we are excited to have you join INC!

1/26/21: Dr. Iversen participates in Sound Health Network Launch Event (1/26/21), exploring music and health
Also, How Do Brains Make Music? INC's Dr. Iversen interviewed in the PBS series

January 2021 - Videos now available: 2020 MURI Workshop on Sleep, Memory and Learning (12/15/20)

1/26/21 – Sound Health Network Launch Event

This 60-minute event explores how music can provide insights into brain functioning, reduce social isolation, promote community solidarity, and influence health. Dr. Iversen takes part in a conversation about the power of music in community with musician Quetzal Flores. More

Closer to Truth: How Do Brains Make Music? (Part 1) 

Closer to Truth is a PBS interview series on music and the brain. Watch Part 1 interviews with INC's John Iversen, along with Mark Tramo, Diana Deutsch, and Elizabeth Margulis. More

1/4/21 – Salk researchers use artificial intelligence to make strides in understanding the brain 

La Jolla Light features Dr. Terry Sejnowski (1/4/21) More

12/17/20 –Computational model reveals how the brain manages short-term memories

Salk News Release features Dr. Terry Sejnowski (12/17/20) More

12/16/20 –Teaching Artificial Intelligence to Adapt

Salk News Release features Dr. Terry Sejnowski (12/16/20) More

10/7/20 –Traveling brain waves help detect hard-to-see objects

Salk scientists discover patterns of neural waves in the awake brain that help detect objects. The labs of Drs. John Reynolds and Terry Sejnowski have uncovered details into the neural mechanisms underlying the perception of objects. (Salk News) More

12/18/19–Terry Sejnowski featured in New York Times article

Terry Sejnowski featured in New York Times article: The Machines Are Learning, and So Are the Students (12/18/19) More

9/19/19–Team led by INC PI John Iversen awarded an inaugural NIH Sound Health grant

The NIH has for the first time committed 20 million over five years to study the various ways in which music impacts health and development. Among the awards was a collaboration led by John Iversen (INC), with UCSD's Terry Jernigan (Cog Sci) and Tim Brown (Neuroscience). More

9/19/19–UC San Diego Receives $4.6M from NIMH for Brain Imaging Data “Gateway”

The Neuroelectromagnetic Data Archive and Tools Resource (NEMAR) will be a collaboration between the Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience(SCCN) at the Institute for Neural Computation, San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC), and Stanford University’s Center for Reproducible Neuroscience.  More

6/17-21/19 –The 29th EEGLAB Workshop recently concluded in Aspet, France. 

4/30/20 – John Iversen speaks about the Neuroscience of Rhythm

Canada Broadcast Company show "IDEAS" - John Iversen speaks about how rhythm helps us walk, talk — and even love. More

4/1/19 – Supercomputers Aid Our Understanding of Complex Brain Waves

Features Scott Makeig and Arnaud Delorme! More

3/5/19 – UC San Diego named a 2019 NEA Research Lab

Drs. John Iversen, Tim Brown, and Terry Jernigan, in partnership with San Diego Children's Choir and Vista Unified School District, will study the potential effects of musical interventions on early childhood development. Press Release

10/25/18 – Dr. Terrence Sejnowski is interviewed for a podcast

"How to Start a Deep Learning Revolution" (Brain Inspired) (see #15 on the following webpage)

10/16/18  – A pioneering scientist explains ‘deep learning’

Dr. Terry Sejnowski discusses his new book, The Deep Learning Revolution. (The Verge) More

9/19/18  – Physicists Train Robotic Gliders to Soar like Birds

Researchers used reinforcement learning to train gliders to autonomously navigate atmospheric thermals. The study, a collaboration between UC San Diego, the Salk Institute and Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics in Italy, was published in the Sept. 19 issue of “Nature." Dr. Terry Sejnowski, a co-author of the study, explains, "This paper is an important step toward artificial intelligence." (UC San Diego) More

September 2018  – Sound Health: Music and the Mind

TDLC investigator Dr. John Iversen spoke at Music and the Mind, held at The Kennedy Center on September 7-8, 2018. The program brought together artists and neuroscientists to explore connections between music, rhythm, and brain development. Click here for more! You can also read about the event on The Kennedy Center website, or download the flyer here!

7/18/18 – New Summer Internship Underway at UC San Diego (10 News)

Dr. Leanne Chukoskie founded a program that has hired dozens of paid interns diagnosed with autism. The interns develop computer apps that can help others with autism, as well as anyone trying to improve motor skills and focus. More

6/22/18 – Can science-based video games help kids with autism?

Discusses work at UC San Diego's Research on Autism and Development (RAD) Laboratory with Director, Jeanne Townsend, and Associate Director, Leanne Chukoskie. (Spectrum) More

3/8/18 – Scientists Construct Google-Earth-like Atlas of the Human Brain

Ruey-Song Huang of UC San Diego and Martin Sereno of San Diego State University have produced a new kind of atlas of the human brain that, they hope, can be eventually refined and improved to provide more detailed information about the organization and function of the human brain. (UC San Diego News Center) More

2/8/18 – New '4-D Goggles' Allow Wearers to be 'Touched' by Approaching Objects

The goggles have been developed by Ruey-Song Huang of UC San Diego and Martin Sereno of San Diego State University. (UC San Diego News Center) More

1/2/18 – Congratulations Dr. Leanne Chukoskie, for being featured in San Diego Magazine!

The article title: 15 Coolest Jobs in San Diego and How to Get Them (San Diego Magazine) More

12/2017 – Dr. Terry Sejnowski, elected as a National Academy of Inventors (NAI) Fellow!

12/12/17 – What Learning Looks Like: Creating A Well-Tuned Orchestra In Your Head

Dr. John Iversen discusses the neuroscience of music and its effect on brain development in school age children! (KPBS) More

07/11/17 – UC San Diego Part of International Team to Develop Wireless Implantable Microdevices for the Brain

Institute for Neural Computation (INC) Co-Directors Drs. Terry Sejnowski and Gert Cauwenberghs are part of the international collaboration led by Brown University to develop a wireless neural prosthetic system that could record and stimulate neural activity with unprecedented detail and precision. (Jacobs School of Engineering) More

05/2017 – Drs. Terrence Sejnowski and Barbara Oakley have launched a new Massive Online Open Course (MOOC)

Their MOOC for Coursera called "Learning How to Learn," has already enrolled 1.8 million learners. Their follow-up new course is called "Mindshift: Break Through Obstacles to Learning and Discover Your Hidden Potential." They have also written a "Learning How to Learn" book for children ages 10-13. More

05/1/17 – Researchers Receive $7.5 Million Grant to Study Memory Capacity and Energy Efficiency in the Brain

Dr. Terrence Sejnowski is part of the team, led by Dr. Padmini Rangamani. (UC San Diego News Center) More

04/20/17 – Sensor-Equipped Glove Could Help Doctors Take Guesswork Out of Measuring Spasticity

INC's Leanne Chukoskie is part of an interdisciplinary team of researchers at UCSD and Rady Children’s Hospital that has developed a sensor-equipped glove that could help doctors measure stiffness during physical exams. More

03/01/2017 – John Iversen Explores our Perception of Musical Rhythm

The Scientist article features TDLC's Dr. John Iversen. It profiles his work on the neural mechanisms of rhythm perception, where he has demonstrated the active role of the brain in shaping how a listener perceives a rhythm. More
More for his interview on Voice of La Jolla!

11/19/16 – Learning to Move and Moving to Learn

Several INC scientists have been awarded an NSF grant to study how physical movement can be used to identify children with learning disabilities. (IUB Newsroom). More

09/19/16 – A Global Unified Vision For Neuroscience

TDLC's Drs. Terry Sejnowski and Andrea Chiba participated in an exciting Global Brain Initiative Meeting at Rockefeller University in New York on Sept. 19, 2016. More

09/15/16 – 'Princess Leia' brainwaves help sleeping brain store memories

INC Co-Director Dr. Terrence Sejnowski, with fellow Salk scientists including Dr. Lyle Muller, co-authored the study. (Salk Institute)


09/10/16 – Team Goblin wins first place in the inaugural San Diego Brain

Drs. John Iversen and Alex Khalil, along with Joseph Heng (visiting Masters student from Switzerland) made up "Team Goblin. More

2016 – Qusp [now Intheon] Recognized on the TransTech200 List

Qusp (now known as Intheon) was founded by former INC member Tim Mullen and is listed on the 2017 TransTech200. More

8/29/16 – Todd Hylton joins UC San Diego Contextual Robotics Institute

Todd Hylton joins UC San Diego Contextual Robotics Institute

Todd Hylton, well-known San Diego scientist and entrepreneur, joins UC San Diego Contextual Robotics Institute (he is also a member of affiliate faculty at INC) (8/29/16) More

08/25/16 - Neuroscientists stand up for basic cell biology research

Dr. Terry Sejnowski co-authored the article published in the journal Science. More

01/19/2016 – Listening to Waves - A Program to Learn Science Through Music

The Listening to Waves program was developed from the research Victor Minces and Alexander Khalil did at the Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center (TDLC). The goal of this program is for participants to" learn the hidden and ubiquitous world of waves through the making and analysis of musical sound." More

10/21/2015 – UC MERCI Highlight - Mozart and the Mind- John Iversen

Great minds in music cognition research gathered for a stimulating colloquium organized by UC MERCI (Dr. Scott Makeig, Director) in collaboration with Mozart & the Mind. More

01/19/2016 – Salk study expands brain memory capacity estimate

Salk study expands brain memory capacity estimate. (The San Diego U-T) More

The study, published in the journal eLife, also sheds light on how the brain can manage massive amounts of data with very little energy, and avoids conceptual traps that can stymie machine learning algorithms, said Bartol, the study's first author. Noted brain researcher Terry Sejnowski was senior author. The study can be found at

01/17/2016 – Apple acquires artificial-intelligence startup Emotient (a start up founded by six scientists from UC San Diego -- INC/MPLab in 2012)

Apple's purchase of Emotient fuels artificial intelligence boom in Silicon Valley. (Los Angeles Times) Read article here ...

01/12/2016 – Brain monitoring takes a leap out of the lab

Drs. Scott Makeig and Tzyy-Ping Jung (SCCN) are co-authors of the study, as is TDLC's Tim Mullen and INC Co-Director Gert Cauwenberghs.(Jacobs School of Engineering, UC San Diego) More

01/14/2016 – Apple acquires artificial-intelligence startup Emotient.

Emotient is a start up founded by six scientists from UC San Diego -- INC/MPLab in 2012. (Macworld) More

04/28/2015 – Facial Expression Recognition Technology Video

Drs. Marian Bartlett and Javier Movellan speak about commercializing facial expression recognition technology fostered by (TDLC / INC) at UC San Diego. Credit: UCSD Technology Transfer Office. Watch video

07/28/2014 – Salk Institute laboratory head talks new role in brain cells

Memory relies on astrocytes, the brain's lesser known cells. More

07/28/2014 – Astrocytes, The Brain's Lesser Known Cells, Get Some Cognitive Respect

The research is a collaboration among the labs of Salk professors Sejnowski, Inder Verma and Stephen Heinemann (Science 2.0)More

04/25/2014 – Man vs. Computer: Which Can Best Spot Pain Fakers?

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, are working on a breakthrough that could change how doctors treat patients and their pain. (ABC News) More

04/13/2014 – Salk Researchers' Work Explains How Brain Selects Memories

Scientists at the Salk Institute in La Jolla have created a new model of memory that explains how neurons retain select memories a few hours after an event. This new framework provides a more complete picture of how memory works, which can inform research into disorders liked Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, post-traumatic stress and learning disabilities. (Times of San Diego) More

03/13/2014 – SCCN researchers receive the "Best Paper Award" at EMBC'2013

The start-up Emotient is a prime example of how industry, academia, and venture capital can combine to create a groundbreaking business. (UC San Diego News Room) More

01/20/2014 – INC research lab (MPLAB) interviewed by

The future of shopping: When psychology and emotion meet analytics (zdnet) More

10/20/2013 – INC research (MPLAB) acknowledged by

The Rapid Advance of Artificial Intelligences (The New York Times, Divining The Future: Special Report) ) More

10/10/2013 – Taking A Mindful Approach to the BRAIN Initiative

(UC San Diego News Center) More

10/01/2013 – INC researcher elected to the board of the Society for Music Perception and Cognition

INC researcher elected to the board of the Society for Music Perception and Cognition

Welcome to The Society for Music Perception and Cognition (SMPC), a scholarly organization dedicated to the study of music cognition. Use our website to learn about this rapidly growing field, including information on researchers, conferences, and student opportunities. Join us as we explore one of the most fascinating aspects of being human. About SMPC

09/22/2013 – Hot on the trail of Parkinson's

An interview with Dr. Howard Poizner. (The San Diego U-T) More

09/17/2013 – INC Co-Director selected by the NSF to take part in a five-year, multi-institutional, $10 million research project

(UC San Diego News Center) More

08/05/2013 – Accelerating Brain Research with Supercomputers (video)

(HPC Wire) More

07/17/2013 – SCCN researchers receive the "Best Paper Award" at EMBC'2013

SCCN researchers receive the "Best Paper Award" at the International Neurotechnology Consortium Workshop at the 2013 International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC'13). Mullen, T., Kothe, C., Chi, M., Ojeda, A., Kerth, T., Makeig, S., Cauwenberghs, G., Jung, T-P. Real-Time Modeling and 3D Visualization of Source Dynamics and Connectivity Using Wearable EEG. See pdf here...

06/17/2013 – SCCN researcher awarded the International BCI (Brain-Computer Interface 2013) Meeting's Poster Prize for Technical Merit.

SCCN's researcher awarded the International BCI (Brain-Computer Interface 2013) Meeting's Poster Prize for Technical Merit:
Tim Mullen, UC San Diego for Real-Time Estimation and 3D Visualization of Source Dynamics and Connectivity Using Wearable EEG (PDF). See more BCI 2013 coverage here...

05/16/2013 – UC San Diego Creates Center for Brain Activity Mapping (CBAM)

(UC San Diego News Center) More

04/25/2013 – UC San Diego's "Simphony" Research Earns Grammy Foundation Support

SIMPHONY, short for Studying the Impact Music Practice Has On Neurodevelopment in Youth, is a collaboration among researchers at UC San Diego's Center for Human Development and the Institute for Neural Computation. More

04/07/2013 – Neuroscientist Terry Sejnowksi attends White House announcement collaborative BRAIN Initiative

Salk applauds Obama's ambitious BRAIN Initiative to research human mind (The Salk Institute) More

04/04/2013 – President Obama announces BRAIN Initiative

Mapping the Mind - President Obama announces BRAIN Initiative in which UC San Diego, 'Mesa' colleagues and private-public partners will play key roles (UC San Diego News Center) More

03/07/2013 – Could learning music help children with attention disorders?

Power of Art: Can music help treat children with attention disorders? (BBC) More

02/05/2013 – Research Collaboration Praised by the Army

The success story is highlighted in CaN CTA report.

01/09/2013 – Machine Perception Lab Shows Robotic One- Year-Old on Video

The world is getting a long-awaited first glimpse at a new humanoid robot in action mimicking the expressions of a one-year-old child. The robot (Diego-san) will be used in studies on sensory-motor and social development – how babies "learn" to control their bodies and to interact with other people. (UC San Diego News Center) More

05/24/2012 – UC San Diego Receives $7 Million from DOD for Innovative Neural Research

(UC San Diego News Center) More

10/10/2011 – UC San Diego researchers to receive a $1.9M EFRI grant from NSF during 2011


08/17/2011 – UC Research features SCCN's work on Brain Computer Interfaces

UC Research features SCCN's work on Brain Computer Interface: Listening in on the brain (University of California)

UC San Diego scientists are developing technology that links thoughts and commands from the brain to computers. In addition to neat gadgets like mind-dialed cell phones, devices to assist the severely disabled and a cap to alert nodding-off air traffic controllers, new technology could reshape medicine. Last spring, Tzyy-Ping Jung was all over the news. MIT Tech Review, the Huffington Post and a dozen other outlets and blogs were buzzing about his new headband, capable of reading your thoughts and transferring them to a cell phone. More

04/28/2011 – Press Release

ABC News, KPBS and UCSD-TV Feature UCSD Researcher's Brain Monitoring Technology

ABC News, KPBS, and UCSD-TV have all recently featured new brain-computer interface (BCI) technology developed by Dr. Tzyy-Ping Jung and associates Yu-Te Wang and Yijun Wang of the Institute for Neural Computation. This technology represents a unique and fast-advancing generation of mobile, wireless brain activity monitoring systems. An immediately promising application, whose feasibility was first demonstrated by UCSD researchers Jung and Makeig in the 1990's, is to monitor the alertness of workers in a variety of occupations that require around the clock alertness, such as air traffic controllers, drivers and pilots, and nuclear power plant monitors.

04/14/2011 – abcNews features SCCN's work

Air Traffic Controllers: Brain Monitoring to Keep Them Awake? Brain-Computer Interfaces Can Dial Phones With Thoughts, Detect Fatigue as Well (ABC News)

A new class of brain-computer interface technology could not only let you control devices and play games with your thoughts, but also help detect fatigue in air traffic controllers and other workers in high-stakes positions. Researchers at the Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience at the University of California, San Diego, have made it possible to place a cellphone call by just thinking about the number. They say the technology could also tell whether a person is actively thinking, or nodding off. More

04/14/2011 – KPBS radio documents Tzyy-Ping Jung's (SCCN) research on brain-computer interface technology.

New wireless technology uses brain waves to dial up a friend on a cell phone. (KPBS) More

Additional coverage:
1. Technology Review (link no longer working)
2. Asian American:
3. Huffington Post:
4. ABCNews:

02/20/2011 – INC is featured in the latest UCSD at 50 TV show

The UCSD TV series on UCSD's 50th Anniversary year put together an episode on brain-computer interface research at SCCN and INC. View the video here...

02/08/2011 – INC Co-Director Terrence Sejnowski elected to National Academy of Engineering

INC Co-Director and Salk Institute professor Terrence J. Sejnowski, Ph.D., has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering. This places him in a remarkably elite group of only ten living scientists to have been elected to the National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine as well as the National Academy of Engineering. UCSD and INC congratulate Dr. Sejnowski on this prestigious appontment and exceptional achievement.

01/11/2011 – INC research to be featured on the cover of Neuro Image

Lost in thoughts: Neural markers of low alertness during mind wandering.

The February issue of Neuro Image: A Journal of Brain Function will feature an article by INC researcher Arnaud Delorme and his student Claire Braboszcz. Citation:

01/04/2011 – IEEE names Cauwenberghs Editor-in-Chief and Conference Chair

Gert Cauwenberghs takes on leadership roles in biomedical circuits and systems for IEEE

Gert Cauwenberghs, Co-Director of INC, takes on multiple leadership roles for IEEE in 2011. Gert is the newly named Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems. In addition to his role in primary publications in the field, he will Chair two upcoming conferences, General Chair of the IEEE Biomedical Circuits and Systems Conference in San Diego in 2011, and Technical Chair of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference in 2012.

01/04/2011 – Cauwenberghs and Lee : IEEE Fellows in 2011

Gert Cauwenberghs and Te-Won Lee selected as IEEE Fellows for 2011


12/09/2010 – NSF awards grant to Javier Movellan

NSF funds "An International Social Network for Early Childhood Education"

INC researcher Javier Movellan has been awarded a grant of $749,998 by the National Science Foundation to support development of RubiNet, a social network for early childhood education. The project will develop resources for early childhood education at national and international levels , bringing children, teachers, parents, and researchers together. A unique feature of the project is the use of low-cost, sociable robots as network interfaces. In addition to supporting education and data gathering, the robots will allow children to exchange objects across international boundaries using the robots as intermediaries. This significant difference from other computer interfaces will also allow children in the United States to look around a classroom in Japan, find their friends, and initiate a hug using the robot's child-safe arms.

12/07/2010 – PNAS Interviews Terrence Sejnowski

Dr. Sejnowski discusses TDLC with PNAS. More

11/30/2010 – INC's CANE group project approved by the NSC

i-RICE brings Taiwanese scholars to INC

In collaboration with the Institute for Engineering Medicine, INC will host students and post docs to to work wth INC and IEM researcher. Txxy-Ping Jung, of the Center for Advanced Neural Engineering (CANE) participated in the development of the proposal recently approved by Taiwan's National Science council. The students and researchers visiting from Taiwan will be participation in an International Center in Advanced Bioengineering Research.

10/26/2010 – Wired Gadget Lab interviews MPLab's Javier Movellan

Gallery: Let Your Children Play With Robots (Wired) More

08/16/2010 – Former INC post doctoral student Inna Fishman talks to Psychology Today.

The Brain's Language Processing in Williams Syndrome and Autism (Psychology Today) More

08/05/2010 – Howard Poizner and Team awarded $4.5M ONR MURI grant

Howard Poizner (PI, UCSD), and co-PI's Gary Lunch (UC Irvine) and Terry Sejnowski (Salk and UCSD), together with team leaders Hal Pashler, Sergei Gepshtein, Deborah Harrington, Tom Liu, Eric Hlagren, and Ralph Greenspan were recently awarded a $4.5M ONR MURI grant, with a $3M option period, to study the brain bases of unsupervised learning and training. (October 1, 2009) The study: “How Unsupervised Learning Impacts Training: From Brain to Behavior.”

08/01/2010 – Announcing: New INC/IEM Research Center

The Institute for Neural Computation (INC) and Institute of Engineering in Medicine (IEM) have jointly launched the UC San Diego Center for Advanced Neurological Engineering (CANE), under Co-Directors William Mobley, Professor and Chair of Neuroscience and Tzyy-Ping Jung, INC Senior Research Scientist and Co-Director of the Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience (SCCN). The mission: To successfully apply the area’s abundant neural engineering and computation expertise toward translation of basic knowledge and capabilities into solid improvements in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of neurological diseases and pathology More

07/10/2010 – SCCN will play a leading role in a five-year, $25-million ARL project

A research team of neuroscientists, cognitive scientists and engineers at the University of California, San Diego will play a leading role in a five-year, $25-million Army Research Laboratory (ARL) project to better understand human-systems interactions. (UC San Diego News Center) More

06/29/2010 – MPLab's RUBI on NY Times

"Students, Meet Your New Teacher, Mr. Robot" (The New York Times) More

06/10/2010 – Discovery Channel films Howard Poizner and Gary Lynch.

‘Curiosity:The Questions of Life’

The Discovery Channel filmed Howard Poizner and Gary Lynch in Dr. Poizner’s lab for a series called ‘Curiosity: The Questions of Life,’ on research of the future. The segment is on memory and will air in 2011. Shown on the left is series producer Kyle McCabe, and on the right, series host Dr. Dan Riskin, who is wearing Dr. Poizner’s motion capture body suit, EEG cap and virtual reality head-mounted display.

05/25/2010 – UC San Diego Entrepreneurship Challenge

Yu Mike Chi, graduate student in the Cauwenberghs laboratory in the Department of Bioengineering and the Institute for Neural Computation, led a team of eight students in the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering, UC San Diego Rady School of Business, and the Salk Institute, to win the top prize in the UC San Diego $80K Entrepreneurship Challenge. (The Jacobs School of Engineering) More

05/01/2010 – 2010 Cognitive Neuroscience Annual Spring Retreat

This retreat is sponsored by the NIH Cognitive Neuroscience Training Program of the Institute for Neural Computation and follows in the tradition of the retreats sponsored by the McDonnell-Pew Center for Cognitive Neuroscience

04/27/2010 – INC Director, Terrence Sejnowski elected to National Academy of Sciences

La Jolla, CA - Salk Institute professor Terrence J. Sejnowski, Ph.D., whose work on neural networks helped spark the neural networks revolution in computing in the 1980s, has been elected a member of the National Academy of Sciences. More

03/04/2010 – INC/SCCN Open House